Merry Cratemass

Just completed some Christmas decorations on Ellot.
All the best for the festive season.


Nest @ Tokara

the Nest hanging at Tokara's deli. The Port Jackson is aging gracefully and looking amazing.


Elle Decoration UK. November 2010.

Found Objects published in UK Elle Decoration's November edition. They were chosen alongside Tom Dixon's "void", Foscarini's "Aplomp" and others as one of the 9 best new pendant lights.

NEW Found Objects

Renamed my SWARM series Found Objects as that's exactly what they are inspired by. Just completed 3 new designs based on more wooden spinning tops. My personal favourite being the one based on the spinning top in the recent movie Inception.
Again turned from walnut and using LED lamps.
Sizes 220mm x 2000mm.

Did a small nest (1.9m x 1.6m x 1.6m) for the Visi 50th Exhibition held at Infinart on Bree Street, Cape Town.

Concepts of the Future

Visi 50th Edition. The Weavers Nest was chosen as one of the 50 definitive creations of the past 12 years.

Cratefan in Design Indaba mag

nice full page pic of Oupa in the Design Indaba India issue


"Elliot is born"

We have just completed the second Cratefan in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.
This one is about keeping the excitement going after the world cup road show leaves our shores.
Again it’s about recycling. Nothing is manufactured for the sculptures, we just use components from existing systems. The crates from the Coca cola bottlers system and the scaffolding from a scaf company. Afterwards, in this case July 2011) the sculpture is dismantled and the components put back into their respective systems. The crates that were damaged or cut will be recycled into new crates.
His name is Elliot. Named after the foreman of the construction team that built him.
Approximately 4200 coca cola crates were used to build this one and he stands 18 meters tall.
The project was sponsored by Coca-Cola and managed by Art At Work Art Project management.


Cratefan lives

After a lengthly gestation period of 3 years, cratefan lives. He's over 16ft high and consists of a inner skeleton of scaffolding and then clad with over 2600 1.25l coca-cola crates.

Its a recycling initiative with Coca-Cola South Africa. Nothing was manufactured for the project, we only used components and parts that exist in the different systems. Everything will be reused after the World Cup - the scaffolding will be dismantled and used by SGB again and the crates will be put back into the Coca-Cola system. The crates that were damaged and the cables ties will be recycled.

Thanks Coke for finally believing it was possible and thanks Lesley Perkes and Mark Sinof from Art At Work Art project Management for getting it all together and making the impossible possible.

And thanks to Oupa and his team for such a fantastic tireless job.


A new set of lites inspired by stools by Ray and Charles Eames and wooden spinning tops.
The focus is on the way the light falls on the shades themselves and the interaction of the negative spaces.
size - various 200mm x 130mm to 260mm x 220mm
materials - American Walnut and LED lighting
available from LIM on Kloof Street Cape Town or contact


An ode to the inventor of the dolos, Eric Merrifield.
Made in collaboration with Micheal Methven.
Where as the original dolos helps to reclaim land from water, these lights reclaim light from darkness. Ideally they should be displayed in a large group of 10+ units interlocking with each other.
Mild steel and paper.
Size – 110mm x 95mm
ZAR 4,000.00 each for a minimum order of 3 units


Black & Lite

Obeche and Duco
Size - 240mm x 180mm


why do we have "lights" in the first place.
a nod to Dadaism.
perspex, resin and LED
Size - 220mm x 240mm



a birdhouse that acts as a deterrent for uninvited visitors.
mounted outside either on a tree or against the wall.
more birds less burglars.
Co Designed with Warren Lewis of Warren Lewis fame.
size - 150mm x 350mm
pirce - POA


American Walnut clusters



EDIDA Elle Decoration International Design Awards.

WOW what can i say? It was announced in the latest issue that Porky Hefer was chosen as the South African Designer of the year.
Thanks Elle that's amazing. Thanks for the massive vote of confidence, if thats anything to go by, 2010 is going to be a brilliant one. Viva!

Elle Decorartion Revamp issue.

Fantastic shot of the White Lites and the crate in the latest issue of Elle Decoration.
wonderful styling from the very talented Yelda Bayraktar. And thanks Yelda for the knot idea, genius!

White Lite

Obeche with duco
size: 240mmx 180mm
price: POA

C3 Architecture Magazine, Korea, Issue 302.

Thank you Eun Young Jeong, Editor of C3, a top architecture magazine in Korea for the fantastic article they published on the nests.

Kubu Nest

completed this nest late last year.
this time there is no metal frame and the nest is 100% organic.
the frame and the cladding are made from Kubu cane which is the regular weaving cane for furniture. it's much lighter than the Port Jackson,metal frame version.
again its BIG and can easily fit three adults.
Price on application.