Ai Ai Ai

a poster i designed calling for the release of our friend Ai Wei Wei. the type is made up from sunflower seeds.


Merry Cratemass

Just completed some Christmas decorations on Ellot.
All the best for the festive season.


Nest @ Tokara

the Nest hanging at Tokara's deli. The Port Jackson is aging gracefully and looking amazing.


Elle Decoration UK. November 2010.

Found Objects published in UK Elle Decoration's November edition. They were chosen alongside Tom Dixon's "void", Foscarini's "Aplomp" and others as one of the 9 best new pendant lights.

NEW Found Objects

Renamed my SWARM series Found Objects as that's exactly what they are inspired by. Just completed 3 new designs based on more wooden spinning tops. My personal favourite being the one based on the spinning top in the recent movie Inception.
Again turned from walnut and using LED lamps.
Sizes 220mm x 2000mm.

Did a small nest (1.9m x 1.6m x 1.6m) for the Visi 50th Exhibition held at Infinart on Bree Street, Cape Town.