NEW Found Objects

Renamed my SWARM series Found Objects as that's exactly what they are inspired by. Just completed 3 new designs based on more wooden spinning tops. My personal favourite being the one based on the spinning top in the recent movie Inception.
Again turned from walnut and using LED lamps.
Sizes 220mm x 2000mm.


Unknown said...

Love love love them . Is there a way for us to feature in our blog??


Anonymous said...

really like these, am using them in my blog on great wood design.

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cute or kill? said...

The spinning tops are actually Eames' inspiration story and not yours. Three of the designs (the ones for West Elm) are simply the middle sections of the well known Eames stools. Give Eames credit or find your own story.

cute or kill? said...

Oops! I stand corrected. You did indeed reference Eames when the lamps were introduced before. It is only West Elm that omits this info.

Unknown said...

Does anybody know where to purchase these wooden pendants?